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Skin Grafts

We understand the critical role that effective wound care plays in the journey to healing. Our dedicated team specializes in providing comprehensive skin graft services tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Skin grafting is the surgical process of transferring skin from one part of the body (donor site) to another part (receiver site) that has been severely injured or damaged. Skin grafts can be used to heal burns, trauma wounds, ulcers and other complex wounds where traditional wound healing techniques may not be sufficient.

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Our Approach in wound care

Our Approach

At Medix Wound Care, we prioritize patient comfort, safety, and optimal outcomes. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals utilizes the latest advancements in wound care technology and techniques to ensure the best possible results for every patient.

Evaluation and Consultation

Our skilled clinicians assess each patient's unique needs to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

Post-Operative Care

We provide thorough post-operative care and monitoring to support the healing process and minimize the risk of complications.

Surgical Procedure

Our board-certified surgeons perform skin graft procedures with precision and expertise, utilizing advanced surgical techniques to achieve optimal graft viability and integration.


We work closely with patients to create tailored rehabilitation plans to improve functional results and quality of life.

Why Choose Us?


Our team consists of highly skilled healthcare professionals with extensive experience in wound care and skin grafting.

Compassionate Care

We know what it takes to heal a wound, both physically and emotionally. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing compassionate and patient-focused care from start to finish.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our practice is at the forefront of medical technology, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and processes to deliver the highest quality results.

Collaborative Approach

We are committed to working hand-in-hand with our patients, their families and referring physicians to provide a comprehensive continuum of care.