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Excision and Biopsy of Lesions

Excision and biopsy are crucial procedures used in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin lesions, including suspicious growths, moles, cysts, lipomas, and skin cancers. As a leading wound care service provider, we offer specialized expertise in accomplishing these procedures with precision, accuracy, and compassion.

Excision and Biopsy of Lesions


Excision is a surgical procedure to remove a lesion or an abnormal part of the body. Our skilled surgeons use cutting-edge surgical techniques and cutting-edge equipment to carefully remove the lesion while minimising the impact on surrounding healthy tissue. Not only does this procedure address the immediate concern, but it also enables us to collect tissue samples for further examination through biopsy.


A biopsy is a sample of tissue taken from the body to be examined at a microscopic level. Our experienced doctors perform different types of biopsies, such as shave biopsies, punch biopsies and excisionals. Depending on the lesion size, location and type, we can use biopsy to determine if it’s benign or malignant. This will help guide treatment decisions and ensure the best possible patient care.

Biopsy in Wound Care
Benefits of Excision and Biopsy of Lesions

Accurate Diagnosis

By obtaining tissue samples through biopsy, we can accurately diagnose and classify skin lesions.

Early Detection of Cancer

With the help of excision and biopsy, skin cancers can be identified early, leading to early treatment and better results.

Personalized Treatment Approach

Our interdisciplinary team works together to create individualized treatment programs that are suited to the particular requirements of every patient

Advanced Techniques

We put patient comfort and safety first by using minimally invasive procedures for excisions and biopsies that minimise pain, scarring and recovery time.

At Medix Wound Care, we understand the importance of timely and accurate diagnosis in achieving optimal outcomes for our patients.

Whether you’re looking for a medical evaluation for a suspected lesion or you’re in need of specialist wound care, we know the importance of accurate and timely diagnosis in achieving the best possible results for our patients, and at Medix wound care, we’re committed to providing compassionate and expert care from start to finish.